Kayaking on the Island of Elba

Elba has less than 147 km of coastline, which are rich in caves and beautiful coves. The sea is crystal clear and full of life: it is the ideal place to enjoy the experience of kayaking and canoeing from the sea.

Paddling around the island of Elba can be reached in fact exclusive ravines , also thanks to the low draft of the kayak and canoe from the sea . Small beaches unreachable otherwise, caves, coves… all at your fingertips…

Paddling sea island of Elba is to immerse yourself in the silence of sailing, gliding on the water in the midst of gulls and cormorants. There are many facilities that provide all the equipment, as well as tips and maps for routes designed to offer you the best of this browsing experience quiet and environmentally friendly. We suggest a wonderful excursion:


From Marciana Marina to Marina di Campo

The route is 43 km, a bit challenging for the length , but can be easily split and become an opportunity for stopping in the island wonderful.We start from Marciana Marina to the imposing cliffs of Nasuto, continue north where the coast of Elba welcomes us with its lush Mediterranean vegetation, Capraia and the mainland in the distance . In this part of the sea if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of the snorting of a whale… not ‘ rare indeed, that these whales come close up to a few hundred meters to the coast , in this section. We paddle up to the Zanca and Capo Sant’Andrea, an important reference for the sailors of the past, and we see the lighthouse at Punta Polveraia , among small caves and rocky outcrops. We are now on the western side: the white cliffs of Chiessi, Punta Nera, the most west of the island . The hard granite gives way to stratified rocks. On land behind Pomonte , seaside village built where once stood a Roman port , stands the Mountain Huts and green vineyards of the valley of the Poio contrast with the glow of the granite.

After rounding the tip, Elba as usual no surprise: the rock with dell’Ogliera wreck lying at a depth limpid a few meters deep… and then the black and white with a long series of beaches of the tombs. Horizon floating islands, the near Pianosa and the unmistakable cone of Montecristo.

We overcome the white and scenic beach of “Caribbean ” Fetovaia , the sandy beach of the Bay of Seccheto and Cavoli. The granite cliff gets candid and here the Blue Grotto: transparent sea and extraordinary light. We overcome Capo Poro, where the high and rocky coast gives way to some pebble beaches that invite to a dip in the sea…

Go ahead and find the cave in which the Bishop and can enter with the kayaks , the cave of the Blue Marino and finally dubbed Punta Bardella. There dirgiamo towards the Gulf of Galenzana where we find the ” bagnolo”, a dry during low tide comes out completely from the sea, and finally arrviamo the beautiful beach of Marina di Campo.

There are many activities to do on the Island of Elba, choose the most suitable for you!

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