I delitti del Barlume

“I Delitti del BarLume”, the famous Sky Cinema television series, born from the fervent imagination of the Pisan writer Marco Malvaldi, is made in Marciana Marina. The whole country is involved in the filming. Not only the places, but also the people. Many strive to have, just for one day, an extra gig.

During filming, our hotel is fortunate to be the logistical base for the cast and for the entire production. So it can happen to have breakfast while the actors rehearse the scenes, learn the script, joke with each other, revealing themselves, just like in front of the camera, for what they are: a group of elderly Tuscans with a ready joke.

Fortunately, the female figures of the cast, Enrica Guidi, Tiziana, the attractive bartender in fiction, and Lucia Mascino, the commissioner Vittoria Fusco, also our very welcome guests, as in the series so in real life they manage to keep them at bay, with humor and good manners.


In the Marciana Marina series it becomes Pineta, an imaginary town on the Tuscan coast between Pisa and Livorno.

There, between a chatting and a game of trump, the days revolve around the bar. Massimo, ex mathematician, owner of the bar, with Emo, Pilade, Gino and Aldo, the four “differently young” jokers, spend their days without losing the opportunity to comment everything and everyone with the typical Tuscan humor outspoken.
When the everyday routine is suddenly broken by a murder, the heterogeneous group turns, more or less involuntarily, into a makeshift but effective detective team.

Filming typically takes place outside the hottest times of the season, in late spring or early autumn. An opportunity not to be missed for our guests.

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