Restaurants & fine food

We are a B&B, so we do not have the restaurant within the hotel: one more reason to discover the many culinary excellence focused on the territory… Marciana Marina, as indeed the whole island, offers a variety of excellent restaurants.

Most restaurants in the country are located on the seafront, a 10 -minute walk from our hotel, most with spectacular views of the harbor from where you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset. Here are our recommendations:


Rendez Vous
piazza della Vittoria n. 1 – Tel 0565.99251

Sale Grosso
piazza della Vittoria n.14. – Tel 0565.996862

Capo Nord
Località la Fenicia n. 1 – Tel 0565. 996983


Il Gastronomo
via del Sette n. 10 – Tel 0565.997021 (consigliato per celiaci)

via XX settembre n. 29 – Tel 0565.996868 (consigliato per celiaci)

via Santa Chiara n. 7 – Tel 0565. 904607

La Scaletta
via della Fossa n. 6 – Tel 0565 997071

La Vecchia Marina
Piazza Emanuele n. 18 – Tel. 0565.99405

La Cantina
Piazza della Vittoria, 12 – tel 345 9943669

Da Luigi
via di Lavacchio snc – Poggio – Tel 0565.99413

There are many activities to do on the Island of Elba, choose the most suitable for you!

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