The island of Elba by bike

A great way to get around the island of Elba is the bicycle, thanks to its beautiful coastline and its hinterland woodland. You can enjoy the view of the landscape, visiting a village or a farm stopping safely, attravere a forest, stop in a lonely cove… All without haste, without stress and in perfect harmony with the environment.

You can “ride” throughout the year: spring is an extraordinary moment, temperatures invite to a holiday of movement, autumn gives cool days after the summer heat, the air is clear and crystalline and nature explodes with color before winter hibernation. In summer the island’s beauty is breathtaking, and it will also allow you to make large tracts forest “rides” the shade and cool.

The island has an incredible network of trails for road racers looking for more technical routes for their training, trails and dirt roads for bikers to have fun on, accessible routes for families with children who need safe and relaxing routes.


In a nutshell, cyclists who ride a little bit everywhere and who do not shy away from their pit stops in coffee shops and tavern.

The Capoliveri Bike Park with more than 100 km of roads and biking trails is a must for all cyclists. The rest of the island has spectacular cycling roads for bike lovers, that flutter between waves and clouds and give us enjoyable and technically interesting cycling trails. The altimeter is extremely varied and the trails are always unpredictable.

Hotel Yacht Club is a friend of the bicycle and is a point of origin and destination ideal for suggestive rides to explore the island. We also have a garage equipped with everything you need for hospitalization and bicycle repair: all free of charge to our customers.

There are many activities to do on the Island of Elba, choose the most suitable for you!

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