Hotel Yacht Club – hotel Pet Friendly

In our Hotel pets are welcome!

We accept cats and dogs, until the average size. We offer to those who want the bowls for food ( so you do not have portarvele from home ) and lots of cuddles!

To come Elba is not required vaccination, and is allowed to bring your dog on the beach . The Region of Tuscany was among the first regions in Italy to adopt legislation to protect animals.

It is allowed to bring their pet to the beach without problems. And it is forbidden only access areas for children, or in a place intended for specific purposes, as long as signaled by the sign. However, remember to take with you on a leash and muzzle… the rules given to pets by Italian law also apply here.

Only animals in accordance with the rules laid down in the hygiene regulations and current legislation will have access to the hotel, all evidenced by the animal health records or documents (copy or original ).

Obviously, we should remember that the master is responsible for what he does your pet, therefore we recommend in any case to pay attention and never leave unattended your pets.