Walk of the Perfumes of Marciana Marina

By 09/07/2022News

On 10 July Walk along the paths of Marciana Marina’s perfumes to the Cala beach.

On the occasion of the final day of SEIF – Sea Essence International Festival, Sunday 10 July, the destination of the Walk along the paths of the scents of Marciana Marina is the magnificent Cala beach, on the border between the Municipalities of Marciana Marina and Marciana. The appointment is at 9.00, the meeting is always at the Pro Loco of Marciana Marina, near the Torre del Porto.

legambientearcipelago@gmail.com – 3398801478
prolocomarcianamarina@gmail.com – @prolocommarina

2022 perfume walks program
(the organizers can reserve the right to make changes):


Sunday 10, 9.00 am; Sunday 17, 18.00; Sunday 24, 18.00; Sunday 31, 9.00 am


Sunday 7, 18.00; Sunday 14, 9.00 am; Sunday 21, 18.00; Sunday 28, 9.00 am


Sunday 4, 6.00 pm; Sunday 11, 9.00 am

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