The Beaches

elba spiaggia

Long white sandy beaches, small and quite bays, protected holm and ancient wrecks out of mask... You just have to choose how to take advantage at best of your stay. The island is quite small with a 220 km coast, reason why even on bad days, with wind and slight sea, it is not difficult to find out an hiding place where to relax in peace. Just 30 minutes for going from a side of the island to the other...

It is incredible how different could be the characteristics of the beaches around Elba. The south coast, with its typical mediterranean low vegetation, is well-characterized of long sandy beaches, cactus and maritime pines, while the west shore is full of natural pools dug by the sea into the rocks...

If you like snorkeling, do not loose one of the many wrecks just 100 mt off the coast. The most famous, and the better preserved one, is the one in front of the small Pomonte town. During the second world war it used to be a big commercial ship, but since then, time converted it in a real sanctuary of undersea-life and colors. All you have to do is to take a mask and discover it... But don't worry, you don't need to swim 100mt deep: it is just 2 mt under the surface!

The main Marciana Marina's beach is called "La Fenicia" and it is just 2 steps away from our Hotel Yacht Club... There, you can choose if taking the sun for free on the beach, or staying in one of the two bathing establishment, with all their facilities. Thanks to the stony shape of the beach, everyone will enjoy the cleanliness and purity of water