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Elba seems to be born to offer to those who love sailing all he wants... encloses an extraordinary variety of landscapes and environments , is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, the third largest island of Italy and has a coastline of 147 km. The coasts are jagged and alternate small coves, beaches, bays and cliffs overlooking the sea .Surfing off the coast of the island of Elba is a continuous discovery ... The sea changes color in every inlet, now shattered on white cliffs laps or large golden sand, later embraces beaches of white gravel.

Navigation procures strong emotions with gentle winds, with beautiful landscapes , with depths pulsing with life ... you can navigate around the island sailing, motor... or even in a very special way: by kayak or canoe. If you want to know more go to our page dedicated to kayaking and canoeing... and discover a new way to navigate!

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The coast of the island of Elba is also dotted with numerous ports and marinas public and private, with first-class services and technologies, of nautical centers equipped for the rental of sailing yachts and sailing schools conducted by old wolves sea​​.

Hotel Yacht Club is a friend of Vela, sailors and all the navigators of the sea ! Here you can find useful tips, conventions, and how much help you need to organize your boat trips around the island. Go to the page of Shore Excursions for all the information about it.